Order of Play

As with all sports, we have a set of rules to abide by and an order of play. To get up-to-date with all you need to know, here’s what you should expect from the Victorian Cricket Match 2022!

9.45am Mayor bowls first ball


10.00am The Eight Bells vs The Ten Tun Tap House
10.45am Warren Powell-Richards vs Alton Masons
11.30am The Greyfriar vs Amery Hill
12.15pm Bushy Leaze vs Kubo Kitchens


There are plenty of eateries and our ever-popular non-profit beer tent to satisfy all the family

2.00pm The Railway vs The Greyfriar
2.45pm The Ten Tun Tap House vs Bushy Leaze
3.30pm Kubo Kitchens vs Warren Powell-Richards
4.15pm Alton Masons vs The Eight Bells
5.00pm Amery Hill vs The Railway
5.45pm FINAL

6.30pm Presentation of 2022 Winners Trophy & Raffle Prize Draw

  1. The tournament shall consist of NINE teams.
  2. The format shall be a one-league structure with each team playing twice. The two highest scoring teams shall play the final.
  3. A team shall comprise nine gentlemen or ladies or combination of both. Each team must include at least one member of the opposite sex, and all members must be over the age of 17yrs.
  4. The pitch shall be one chain in length, between two pairs of stumps & bails, known as the wickets.
  5. A match shall comprise one innings of FIVE overs per team.
  6. During a team’s innings there MUST be a batsman at each wicket.
  7. a) The ball MUST be delivered (or bowled) to the batsman by the bowler, by means of an underarm action, and the ball must pitch over the FOURTEEN yard line, or the delivery is declared a ‘no ball’. b) If the bowler’s front foot is over the popping crease in the act of delivering the ball the delivery is declared a ‘no ball’. A ‘no ball’ means that one run is added to the batting side’s score and the ball shall be re-bowled. A batsman CANNOT score off a ‘no ball’.
  8. The fielding team shall bowl from each wicket alternately.
  9. Each member of the fielding teammay only bowl a maximum of ONE over per match.
  10. A batsman shall retire on either scoring Fifteen runs or after receiving twelve legal deliveries, unless he/she is one of the last pair of batsmen. If this is the case, he/she may remain at the wicket until the conclusion of their team’s innings or until one is declared out by the umpire.
  11. Each wicket remaining at the end of an innings is worth 2 runs to the batting side.
  12. On striking any delivery, a batsman MUST run.
  13. A batsman may be declared out by an umpire if any of the following applies: a) The ball, on striking the defended wicket, removes the bail, the batsman has been bowled. b) On striking a legally delivered ball and during the act of running between wickets, the ball is returned to either end and the bail removed by the ball, before the batsman reaches sanctuary, he or she has been run out. Sanctuary is the popping crease and not the line of the stumps when running between the wickets. c) If a legally struck ball is caught by a member of the fielding team before reaching the ground the batsman has been caught out. It should be noted by all players and umpires that a batsman can’t be declared out by means of the dubious, and considered by the ruling body as unfair, leg before wicket ruling.
  14. A batsman may score runs for his/her team by any of the following: a) If the two batsmen, whilst running, cross between the wickets, it shall be declared that they have scored one run. This being attributed to the batsman who struck the ball. b) The roped area shall be deemed to be the area of play with the rope constituting the boundary. c) Any ball being struck either over or under the boundary line shall attract 4 runs. NO sixes shall be allowed. d) If in the opinion of the umpire a ball has been bowled which is out of comfortable reach of the batsman, or above chest height, this shall be called a ‘wide ball’,(unless the batsman has struck the ball), and one run shall be added to the batting side’s score. This does not count as a run to the batsman’s total, nor part of the over and it shall be re-bowled.
  15. Each team shall nominate a captain. The captain or their representative, must attend the captains meeting. Each team shall also supply a volunteer to help with the scoring or umpiring for one match. This volunteer can be one of the players.
  16. PENALTIES. Decision rests with the Umpires. NO negotiations with players shall be entered into.a) PERIOD DRESS: To be worn by ALL team players. (Training shoes, cricket or studded boots are NOT considered correct dress.) BARE FEET shall NOT be permitted on the grounds of Health & Safety. A FIVE run penalty per player, per game, for breaching either or both of the above rules shall be enforced. b) LATENESS: A TEN run penalty shall be imposed on any team failing to be ready for their match. An enclosure shall be erected for players and it’s the captain’s responsibility to ensure players are in the enclosure FIVE minutes before starting their game.
  17. Penalties shall be enforced also if the captain of any team fails to provide the scoring officials with the order of batting and bowling at least fifteen minutes before their game. Failure for non attendance at the captains meeting shall incur a FIVE run penalty against their first match.
  18. If after penalties are deducted etc, the match is tied, then the winning team shall be the one which has lost fewer wickets.
  19. The umpires shall deal with ALL and ANY deliberate, nefarious conduct, or time wasting, by awarding a 5 Run penalty to the innocent team. The umpires’ decisions, sober or intoxicated are FINAL!!!